2 Minute Jiu Jitsu Ep.37: High Percentage Arm Bar Defence Counter

2 Minute Jiu Jitsu Ep.37: High Percentage Arm Bar Defence Counter

The Arm Bar is one of the most common submissions in Jiu Jitsu. As a result, most people have some idea how to defend against it. While there are a number of ways you can break through your opponent’s defences, often they are complex or require cat-like flexibility. Episode 37 of 2 Minute Jiu Jitsu […]

2 Minute Jiu Jitsu Ep.14: Inside Arm Bar From DLR

2 Min Jiu Jitsu #14

While the De La Riva guard may not seem like the most submission friendly position, there are some fantastic submission options from there. In episode 14 of 2 Minute Jiu Jitsu, you’ll get to learn the Belly Down from the De La Riva Guard. Enjoy. Did you download your Free copy of Performance Drilling? Performance […]

Triple Threat Submission Series From The Back

Triple Threat Submission Series For BJJ

If I knew about a simple way you could submit your opponents from the back…that was still under the radar… would you want me to share it with you? Great, here’s a submission sequence I’ve been using for while to routinely submit my opponents. I use a bunch ways to catch my opponents from the […]

Lesson’s Learned From Revenge (& Two Cool Submissions)

Tuff Invitational: Tom Barlow vs Paul Bridges

When I first started, Jiu Jitsu professional BJJ competitions were a dream. Honestly, I never expected them to become a reality, let alone be invited to fight in them. So, when I was approached by the guys at the Tuff Invitational I jumped at the chance to compete in a professional Sub-Only competition. Plus I […]