Welcome to my resources section, this is a selection of instructional’s and information resources that have had a big impact on my Jiu Jitsu.

Last year, I started the difficult process of systemizing my Jiu Jitsu game. These systems have been in my head for a long time, but since 2016, I’ve been heavily focussed on developing and refining them.

These are the same drills, systems, and techniques I used to successful win three world titles and dominate my opponents on the mats.

Before digging into the awesome resources, an important disclosure. Please do not purchase any of these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

Simple Submission System

Do you struggle to submit your opponents?

For a long time, finishing was one of my biggest frustrations in Jiu Jitsu. I could establish strong dominant positions, but the submission always eluded me.

After a lot of research and practice, I developed a simple system that allows you to easily dominate your opponents and is very difficult to escape. Check out the video below to see one of the attacks from the system.

This system will give you an easy route to controlling and submitting your opponents regardless of the position you’re in and your size.

So if you want to start submitting more of your opponents, more of the time, click the button below and get instant acccess to the system.

Get The Simple Submission System Now

Price: £27.00
Length: 81 min
Includes: Two Instructional Videos, and a Mind Map


Simple Passing System

Passing the guard can be a very frustrating experience if you don’t have an effective system.

After years of facing that same frustration when guard passing, I discovered a simple way to pass the guard consistently.

Check out the video below to learn how you can to pass one of the most frustrating guards in Jiu Jitsu with this system.

The beauty of the Simple Passing System is that it focuses on one position you can get from all most any guard.

Once that position is established, your opponent only has two options both of which will lead to the guard pass.

In this instructional, you’ll discover how to use this position to pass the most common guards in Jiu Jitsu, and importantly, stop your opponent recovering their guard.

Click the button below to get instant access to the Simple Passing System today.

Get The Simple Passing System Now

Price: £27.00
Length: 101 min
Includes: Two Instructional Videos, and a Mind Map


The Art Of The Drilling

Drilling is one of the fastest ways to improve your Jiu Jitsu.

With over 75 drills, this two-part instructional cover all the guard passing and guard attack drills you’ll ever need.

Each instructional is broken down into different sections covering drills related to a specific topic such as Closed Guard Passing or De La Riva Sweeps.

Check out the video below taken from the instructional that covers three essential X Pass drills and how to combine them.

Here’s another sample video that covers three favourite Guard recovery drills X and when to use them.

Click the button below to get the Art Of Drilling instructional’s now

Get The Art Of The Drilling Now

Price: £24.00
Length: 87 min
Includes: Two Instructional Video


The De La Riva Guard

The De La Riva guard is one of the most effective open guards in modern Jiu Jitsu. Not only are there a lot of attacks you can use from the De La Riva guard, it’s also easy to control when you know how.

This instructional covers everything you need to know to become a De La Riva guard monster. It starts with the drills and controls you need to use the position, then moves on to attack sequences from the most common grips.

The video below is taken from the instructional and covers one of my favourite sweeps from the De La Riva guard

In total, there are over 40 drills, concepts, techniques packed on to this two part instructional. Click the button below to get the The De La Riva Guard instructional today.
Get The De La Riva Guard Instructional Now

Price: £17.00
Length: 100 min
Includes: Two Full-length Instructional Videos


The Mount Of Death

The Mount is arguably the most dominant position in Jiu Jitsu. If you’ve ever been caught under someone with a world-class mount you’ll know what I mean.

However, it is incredibly common for BJJ players to struggle to control and submit their opponents from the mount. That’s where the Mount of Death comes in.

The Mount of Death was filmed during a seminar in 2014 and will give you the knowledge you need to become truly effective from that position.

The video below is taken from the instructional.

Packed with techniques that will improve your Mount game, the instructional runs for 85 mins. Plus, as a BONUS, you’ll also another 45 min private seminar that covers the other part of my mount game.

Click the button below to get instant access to both instructionals now.

Get The Mount Of Death Now

Price: £17.00
Length: 130 min
Includes: 2x Instructional Video’s


The Art Of The Escape

In my opinion, the first thing any Jiu Jitsu player should master is escapes. Not only because they allow you to survive, but because having good escapes free’s you up to try new things.

After all, if it all goes wrong you can rely on your escapes to recover back to a good position.

This two-part instructional is broken into different sections each focusing on a bad position. Each section then starts with how you stay safe, then how you build a frame, before teaching you the highest percentage escapes from that position.

Check out the video below taken from the instructional that covers some essential Knee on Belly escapes.

Click the button below to get the Art Of The Escape instructional now.

Get The Art Of The Escape Now

Price: £24.00
Length: 95 min
Includes: Two Instructional Videos, Performance Drilling eBook


Chelsea Leah’s Modern Jiu Jitsu

Chelesa Leah is one of the world’s top female Black Belts. Her many accomplishments include submitting all her opponents on route to winning the Worlds as a Brown Belt, and medaling as a Black Belt at World, Pan Am, and European Championships, PLUS she’s an instructor at the Mendes Bros Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy.

She’s done all this through a highly effective blend of old school and modern Jiu Jitsu techniques.

Chelsea recently filmed two full-length instructional’s that cover her highest percentage guard passing and guard attack techniques and strategies. These are the same techniques she has uses to dominate her opponents in competition.

Here’s a clip taken from Chelsea’s Guard Attacks instructional

Each instructional runs for about 40 minutes and covers the same techniques she’s used countless times to dominate her opponents in competition.

Plus, when you order these instructionals, you’ll also get access to a BONUS instructional covering Chelsea’s highly effective variation of the Lasso Guard. This position is tricky to pass, but unlike the regular Lasso Guard, it allows you a lot of attacking options.

Click the button below to get instant access to Chelsea’s instructionals.

Get Chelsea’s Instructional’s Now

Price: £27.00
Length: 80 min (plus 25 min Bonus)
Includes: Two Full-length Instructional Videos, Bonus Instructional


Rolling With Tom

Join Rolling With Tom And Access To All These
Instructionals And So Much More

Progressing in Jiu Jitsu can be a frustrating experience. Many people, don’t have the necessary structure and feedback to reach their full potential.

This is something I’ve experienced throughout my Jiu Jitsu journey.

So, I decided to do something about it and create an online training site for people that need structure and feedback. As a member you’ll get:

RWT Cycle of development.001

(1) Daily Access. My expert friends and I will be in the group every day to answer your questions and solve your problems quickly.

(2) Accountability. This will help you stay on track and achieve your goals faster.

(3) Feedback and Analysis. This will allow you to get feedback and solve your sticking problems fast.

4) Instructional’s, Seminar’s, and Workshops. You’ll get access to a tonne of instructional material that will fill any holes in your Jiu Jitsu.

(5) Weekly Check In. You can share your highs, your lows, and where you need to improve.

(6) Training Plans. Daily 15 – 20 minute plans that will give you a structured way to continually develop your Jiu Jitsu.

(7) The Game Analysis Sheet. This will allow you to see the exact areas you improve.

(8) Competition Analysis. I’ll be regularly posting match breakdown’s featuring some of the world’s greatest Jiu Jitsu players and highlighting areas you can use in your game.

And this is just the start. Every week Rolling With Tom is getting better and better with new content and features all designed to help you improve your Jiu Jitsu.

To find out more, and access the special trial, click the button below.

Join Rolling With Tom Now


My Two Part Guarantee

When I started selling instructional’s, I made two promises to myself:

(1) The instructional’s will ALWAYS be available to download if you lose them.

(2) If you don’t believe the cost of the instructional was worth the investment, I’ll give you a full instant refund.

I stand by this guarantee today.

So, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, let me know and I’ll give you an instant refund. Or if you ever lose a copy of an instructional send me your receipt and I’ll send you a new copy.

Fair enough?

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