The Most Important Guard Concept I Learned From The Mendes Bros

I want to share with the most important concept I learned from the Mendes Brothers… and it’s probably the biggest mistake I see people make when playing guard. It’s the concept of distance control. To be effective while playing guard you have to control the distance and create barriers your opponent has to remove. If […]

The Lazy Dog Pass – The Lazy Way To Pass The Guard.

Passing the guard can be a very frustrating experience, particularly if your opponent keeps tying you up in their guard. The Lazy Dog Pass takes away all that frustration and helps you avoid their guard entirely. But what makes it even better is it requires very little energy to set up (hence the lazy dog) […]

Solo Inversion Drills

Whether you love it or hate it inverting has become a big part of modern Jiu Jitsu. And even if you never plan on Berimboloing like a Miyao, learning to go upside down can be very beneficial to your Jiu Jitsu. The inversion movement is used in many different areas of Jiu Jitsu including back attacks, […]

Triple Threat Submission Series From The Back

If I knew about a simple way you could submit your opponents from the back…that was still under the radar… would you want me to share it with you? Great, here’s a submission sequence I’ve been using for while to routinely submit my opponents. I use a bunch ways to catch my opponents from the […]

Problem Solving For The Win

Over past few weeks, I’ve noticed something when training. Regardless of whether I’m attacking or defending, I’m continually solving the problems my opponent creates. You’ll be doing the same thing whether you’re aware of it or not. And the better you are at problem-solving, the better you’ll be at Jiu Jitsu. To an effective Jiu […]