The Brazilian Dental Floss

The Brazilian Dental Floss - One Of the Most Effective Sweeps In The World

The Brazilian Dental Floss is one of the most common and effective sweeps you’ll see in Gi competition. That’s because the Brazilian Dental Floss is incredibly difficult to defend and relatively easy to finish once the grips are set up To help you understand this powerful technique and how you can add it to your […]

2 Minute Jiu Jitsu Ep.53: Step Over Straight Arm Bar

One of the most common problems Jiu Jitsu students have when they attack a submission is losing control of the position. This can happen through a loss of balance, giving their opponent space to move, or rushing to get the tap. The Step Over Straight Arm Bar from Kuzure Kesa Gatame is a fantastic way […]

The Most Important Guard Concept I Learned From The Mendes Bros

Controlling The Distance Concept

I want to share with the most important concept I learned from the Mendes Brothers… and it’s probably the biggest mistake I see people make when playing guard. It’s the concept of distance control. To be effective while playing guard you have to control the distance and create barriers your opponent has to remove. If […]

Problem Solving For The Win

Problem solving in Jiu Jitsu for the win.

Over past few weeks, I’ve noticed something when training. Regardless of whether I’m attacking or defending, I’m continually solving the problems my opponent creates. You’ll be doing the same thing whether you’re aware of it or not. And the better you are at problem-solving, the better you’ll be at Jiu Jitsu. To an effective Jiu […]