Three Ways To Get Choke From The Back

The back is arguably the most dominant position in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Once you get good at controlling the position, it will be difficult for your opponent to escape. Getting to the back is my primary goal whenever I’m sparring or in a competition. Not only does the back offer you many submission opportunities, but […]

Crab Ride Drills

Jiu Jitsu is ever evolving (as it should be), and if you don’t keep up with the advancements in the game, you will get left behind. Whether you intend on using positions like the Worm Guard, Berimbolo or Crab Ride it’s important you understand them. Like any position, once you understand the mechanics, you can […]

3 Essential Guard Retention Drills

Every Jiu Jitsu player should have the goal of creating an impassable guard as it will open up many other aspects of your BJJ game. If you ever roll with someone that has excellent guard retention it’ll feel a little like fighting a wizard. They seem to magically (see what I did there) be able […]

Lesson’s Learned From Revenge (& Two Cool Submissions)

When I first started, Jiu Jitsu professional BJJ competitions were a dream. Honestly, I never expected them to become a reality, let alone be invited to fight in them. So, when I was approached by the guys at the Tuff Invitational I jumped at the chance to compete in a professional Sub-Only competition. Plus I […]

Match Breakdown: Rafael Mendes vs Rubens ‘Cobrinha’ Charles

I’m a big fan of match breakdowns. Instructional videos can have some great material on them and can be very useful, but and it’s a big but… You’ll often find the techniques instructors show in instructionals aren’t the ones they’ll use in a competition or what works. Competition is the place where you get to […]