Solo Inversion Drills

Whether you love it or hate it inverting has become a big part of modern Jiu Jitsu. And even if you never plan on Berimboloing like a Miyao, learning to go upside down can be very beneficial to your Jiu Jitsu.

The inversion movement is used in many different areas of Jiu Jitsu including back attacks, sweeps, submissions, and guard retention. On top of that, the increased flexibility developed from practising inverting can also help you avoid injury.

The video below covers a few simple solo drills that you can use to improve your ability invert and flexibility.

Here’s what covered in the video:

– Inversion Progression
– Wall Drills (Cross Stepping, Spider Guard Stepping, Inversion)
– Shrimping Inversions
– Inversion flexibility drills (S Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Squat)

Typically, when I practice these drills, I do each one for around 30 – 60 seconds. I find this is enough to loosen my back, hips, and hamstrings. That makes them ideal to use as a warm up or cool down.

This short video was originally recorded for a member of my private group, Rolling With Tom, in response to a question about solo drills to improve their inversion game. However, as I believe learning to invert is such an important skill I decided to post it on here too.

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