Two Important Passing Concepts

One of the most important guard passing concepts is – Don’t pass where they want to be.

What do I mean by that? Let’s say your opponent wants to play half guard. For half guard to be effective you need to be on your knees. So instead of fighting from your knees, stand up and pass from your feet.

Problem solved. The same can concept can be applied to most guards.

You can make your passing even more effective when you combine it with another obvious but often overlooked concept – Pass from where you want to pass.

It’s so much easier to pass from a position you feel comfortable and have been in a thousand times, than passing from a different position every time. So every time your passing, work from the same position.

The Mendes brothers are probably one of the best examples of this. No matter what guard their opponents play they try to set up the leg drag and pass.

As an example of these concepts in action, check out the match below between Nicholas Meregali and Lucas Leite. Meregali does an amazing job of passing from where he wants and avoiding Leite’s guard.

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