Triangles Suck |5 Ways To Escape The Triangle Choke

Let’s be honest, getting caught in a triangle sucks. Apart from the obvious risk of being choked, you also have to worry about arm bars and wrist locks all while your head is being squashed.

The best way to avoid a triangle is to maintain good posture and be aware of where your arms are at all times. If one arm is between your opponents legs and your head is down you’re in danger.

But what should you do if you do get caught in a triangle?

I’m glad you asked. A while ago, I filmed an instructional for the warrior collective that shows the 5 levels triangle escape.

The series starts with a reactive escape when the triangle still loose and progresses through to your last ditch escape against a fully locked triangle.

I’m not going to guarantee you’ll never get triangled again but learning these defences will definitely improve your chance of escape. Check them out below.

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  1. stephen james says

    Really good, thanks very much.

    I always enjoy watching these, very instructive.

    Best regards


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