Arm Bar From Side Control

For a long time, I’ve had the dream of opening a full-time Jiu Jitsu Academy. However, due to a mix of circumstances that idea got put on the back burner, and honestly, at one point I thought it might never happen.

Well, yesterday, that dream became a reality, and I opened my new Jiu Jitsu Academy (hopefully the first of many). Although it’s not 100% finished it already looks amazing and will be an incredible place for people to train.

Anyway, as part of the opening, I taught a seminar covering some of my favourite attacks from side control.  And I want to share one of those with you now.  It’s one of the ways I attack the armbar from side control and three ways I counter my opponents defence. Check it out below:

You’ll also get to see a little of what my new gym looks like.

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