Simple Knee On Belly Escapes

There are few positions in Jiu Jitsu as painful as Knee on Belly. When you get someone that understands how to control the position, it can feel like a baby hippo pressing down on your chest.

I’ve seen many people tap (and a few go to hospital) just from the pressure of the Knee on Belly position. Personally, anytime I end up in that Knee on Belly I try to escape as quickly as possible.

Simple ways to escape Knee on Belly

So how do you escape the knee on belly position?

Whether it’s Knee on Belly or any other position, your first line of defence is ALWAYS prevention. To prevent Knee on Belly, you can use your knee and elbow as a shield on the same side as your opponent.

For example, if you’re in bottom side control; your knee and elbow closest to your opponent should be ready to block any attempt they make to bring their knee on your stomach.

But what if you can’t do that?

There are a couple of other options, and the video below covers two of my favourite knee on belly escapes. Check out the video below:

As with any technique, you need to practice to get it to work for you. The simplest way to do this is to spend a few minutes before or after your regular class drilling the technique and then specific training from Knee on Belly.

Within no time, escaping knee on belly will be a piece of cake!

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