Killing the Lockdown

Ahhh the Lockdown... It’s variation of half guard made famous by Eddie Bravo and the guys at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and it can be complete pain in the ass to pass. I know I struggled to pass the Lockdown for a long time. That was until Braulio … [Read more]

Solo Inversion Drills

Whether you love it or hate it inverting has become a big part of modern Jiu Jitsu. And even if you never plan on Berimboloing like a Miyao, learning to go upside down can be very beneficial to your Jiu Jitsu. The inversion movement is used in … [Read more]

The Shoulder Ripper

The Shoulder Ripper is my favourite way to counter the most common defence to the armbar. The beautiful thing about this technique is it requires very little grip adjustments so you stay locked in the arm bar position, yet it's still a very high … [Read more]

Problem Solving For The Win

Over past few weeks, I’ve noticed something when training. Regardless of whether I’m attacking or defending, I’m continually solving the problems my opponent creates. You’ll be doing the same thing whether you’re aware of it or not. And the … [Read more]

Detangling The 50/50

The 50/50 Guard And Why You Absolutely NEED To Add It To Your Jiu Jitsu Whether you love it or hate it, the 50/50 guard is here to stay. And if you don’t know what to do from this position, you’ll be at the mercy of your opponent. But don’t … [Read more]

Jiu Jitsu Chess

One step sparring is common training method in traditional martial art. The basic way it works is by person A attacking, person B counter-attacking, then they reset and go again. The counter can be a prearranged sequence or person B is can be free to … [Read more]

The Takedown Breakdown

Why Every Jiu Jitsu Player NEEDS A Takedown Plan And How To Build One Go to Video 1: Setting Your Grips Go to Video 2: Running The Pipe Go to Video 3: Single Leg Foot Sweep Go to Video 4: The Levitation Guard Pull I have a question for you. … [Read more]