Crab Ride Drills

Jiu Jitsu is ever evolving (as it should be), and if you don’t keep up with the advancements in the game, you will get left behind.

Whether you intend on using positions like the Worm Guard, Berimbolo or Crab Ride it’s important you understand them. Like any position, once you understand the mechanics, you can choose to use it yourself or defend against it.

One position that is becoming very popular with lighter weight Jiu Jitsu players is the Crab Ride.

It’s a great position to both set up the guard pass or attack the back. And if you don’t know this position then you’re going to be left with a hole in your game that can easily be exploited.

Thankfully, there are a few easy drills you can do to help you understand the position. Check out the video below that covers a some of the drills you should practice to learn the Crab Ride.

As with any new position, there are only really two ways to train get better at it. You can spar or drill.

Sparring a new position is fairly self-explanatory, basically, you invert and see what happens. Drilling it can be a little more complicated which is where resources like Performance Drilling can be incredibly useful.

Performance Drilling covers the key concepts behind my method for training and learning new techniques. You can get your FREE copy of Performance Drilling now at

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