Match Breakdown: Rafael Mendes vs Rubens ‘Cobrinha’ Charles

I’m a big fan of match breakdowns. Instructional videos can have some great material on them and can be very useful, but and it’s a big but…

You’ll often find the techniques instructors show in instructionals aren’t the ones they’ll use in a competition or what works.

Competition is the place where you get to see what ACTUALLY works and in what circumstances. You can learn a lot by studying competition footage, particularly footage of the works best competitors.

So without further ado, I want to share a breakdown of one of my favourite fights from 2015.

It’s between two legends of the featherweight division and two of Jiu Jitsu’s greatest rivals; Rafa Mendes and Reubens ‘Cobrinha’ Charles.

This fight took place in the final of the 2015 worlds and is arguably the most dominate performance in any of their matches. Check it out below:

Leave a comment and let me know what you think or any matches you want me to breakdown.

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