Beginner’s BJJ Curriculum Sample Drill: RDLR Side To Side Drill

There are numerous benefits to using drills to develop technique. Drills make it easier for you to learn and remember a technique, they’re a great way to warm the body up, and can give you a great sport specific workout.

For these reasons, we included a number of drills in each part of the Beginner’s BJJ Curriculum, with each drill reinforcing a technique or concept.

This is a sample drill taken from the Beginner’s Curriculum and covers drill which helps improve guard retention and passing posture. This drill is used in several places in the syllabus which helps build familiarity with the technique. Check our the Reverse De La Riva Side To Side Drill below:

The Beginner’s BJJ Curriculum will be available from 29th June 2019. For more information visit:

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