3 Essential Guard Retention Drills

Every Jiu Jitsu player should have the goal of creating an impassable guard as it will open up many other aspects of your BJJ game.

If you ever roll with someone that has excellent guard retention it’ll feel a little like fighting a wizard. They seem to magically (see what I did there) be able to thwart your attacks and recover no matter how deep your pass is.

So how do you create an impassable guard?

Here are three of my favourite drills that’ll help develops your guard retention and create an impassable guard.

In this video, you’ll learn three drills including:

  1. An Inversion Drill that will help you develop lose hips
  2. The Sleeve Push Drill which is essential to defending spider guard and leg drag passes
  3. A Torreando Counter Drill that can be used against many different passing situations

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