The Attacking Guard Pull

Have you ever pulled guard only to have it instantly passed? Or maybe they don't pass, but you're forced to defend their pass attempts. This is a super common problem I see people (particularly beginners) struggle with all the time. Whenever I … [Read more]

Rolling With Tom Is Born…

It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. A while ago, I had a 'vision’ for a way to help people that need support on their Jiu Jitsu journey, just like I did. Well, that vision is about to become a reality, as RIGHT NOW my … [Read more]

Arm Bar From Side Control

For a long time, I've had the dream of opening a full-time Jiu Jitsu Academy. However, due to a mix of circumstances that idea got put on the back burner, and honestly, at one point I thought it might never happen. Well, yesterday, that dream … [Read more]

How To Start A Fight…

One of the most neglected areas of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is how you should start a match. Everyone learns what you should do while in a guard or how to escape the mount, but those first few moments of a match can be vital in securing the … [Read more]

Mind Maps For BJJ

Have you ever heard the phrase, "failing to plan is planning to fail.” Well, mind maps are an excellent way to plan your Jiu Jitsu and can be a very useful tool regardless of your skill level. I've talked to you before about the benefits of mind … [Read more]

Simple Knee On Belly Escapes

There are few positions in Jiu Jitsu as painful as Knee on Belly. When you get someone that understands how to control the position, it can feel like a baby hippo pressing down on your chest. I’ve seen many people tap (and a few go to hospital) … [Read more]

Killing the Closed Guard

Getting stuck in closed guard sucks but if your opponent is good in that position, it will be a miserable experience. Go to Video 1: Posture In Guard Go to Video 2: My Favourite Guard Break Go to Video 3: My Back Up Plan Go to Video 4: No Gi, … [Read more]