All About The Angles… Super Tight Toe Hold From The 50/50.

I first learned of the 50/50’s existence way back in 2007, when a young purple belt called Ryan Hall used it to heel hook seasoned black belt Gordinho in the ADCC.

Back then, the main attacks from the 50/50 were leg locks. However, as the understanding of the 50/50 developed, so did the attacks. There are now many you can submit your partner from the 50/50 or transition to better positions.

That being said, the leg locks are still an important part of the 50/50 game. Just look at the open weight final of the 2017 Pan Ams between Leandro Lo and Joao Rocha. Check it out below at around 5 min 40 sec, it’s a brutal submission.

However, there is a big problem with playing footsies in the 50/50; your opponent is also in the perfect position to attack your legs. It is called the 50/50 after all.

The key to attacking the legs in the 50/50 is knowing how to protect your own legs while exposing your opponents. Which brings me to the point of this post…

In the video below, Chelsea demonstrates one of her favourite ways to set up the toe hold from the 50/50. More importantly than how Chelsea finishes the toe hold, watch how she changes the angle of her legs to prevent counter attacks.

Once you understand this angle change, you’ll be able to use it to set up multiple attacks and escapes from the 50/50. It’s actually the same angle change Lo uses in the match with Rocha, except he does it from standing.

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