Jiu Jitsu Concepts: Don’t Rush The Sweep

One of the biggest mistakes we see from our students (even advanced students) is “riding” the momentum of a sweep to come on top. This is something that seems minor, but can really change the outcome of your matches, and can do far more harm than good.

In a best-case scenario, if you ride the momentum of a sweep and your opponent counters, you’ll only get reversed. Worst-case scenarios you’ll end up in a submission or stuck in a bad position.

Luckily, this is an easy fix. Can you do a technical stand-up? Yes? Excellent! Then you can fix this problem and stand up out of a sweep properly. In this video, Tom talks about the importance of moving away from your opponent when sweeping, and how to keep your opponent from standing back up.

Being mindful of your top position — and coming up in a position that is primed for passing — will really help your game evolve in the long run.

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