Jiu Jitsu Abs

Check out this killer ab workout that was specifically designed for BJJ or MMA.

Here’s the full list of ab exercises:

1. Knees together, toes together
2. Butterfly
3. Elevated Knees together, toes together
4. Elevated Butterfly
5. Legs straight up
6. Crunch
7. Crunch
8. De La Riva
9. De La Riva
10. Legs out straight
11. Dorsal Raise
12. Super-mans

Each exercise is performed for 10 reps with no rest between exercises. The full workout should take about 3 min to complete.

The credit to this workout goes to Mark Hatmaker, who I first saw do this workout.

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  1. Abhimanyu says

    Even before the video got over I dreamt of getting Abs. Such is the power of the video. It seems simple but I bet it will hurt a lot. But gain only comes after some pain. Wil definitely try these exercises. Thank for the video.

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