Detangling The 50/50

The 50/50 Guard And Why You Absolutely NEED To Add It To Your Jiu Jitsu

Whether you love it or hate it, the 50/50 guard is here to stay. And if you don’t know what to do from this position, you’ll be at the mercy of your opponent.

But don’t worry, in this article, you’re going to discover the why, what, and how of the 50/50 guard including:

  • Why you need to know the 50/50 position.
  • Three techniques that will allow you start using the 50/50 position today.
  • How you can add a complete 50/50 game to your Jiu Jitsu.

But first, let’s get into some exciting stats! Because everyone loves statistics, don’t they?

Why You NEED To Know The 50/50

Every year BJJ Heros crunch the numbers from the World Championships and break down the results in an excellent article. (You can check this year’s article here)

However, this year’s stats revealed something very interesting. Of all the points scored in the Black Belt divisions, 66% of those points came from sweeps.

And of those sweeps, a staggering 35% of them came from the 50/50 guard. That’s of twice as many as any other guard!

Points Spread From Worlds 2017
Sweeps Spread From Worlds 2017

Points and Sweeps spread From Worlds 2017. Source

Now you maybe thinking it was only the little guys that use the 50/50 guard. However, the statistics show the 50/50 was effectively used all the weight divisions, even 20% of the ultra heavy-weights sweeps came from the 50/50.

These statistics clearly show you absolutely, positively have to know the 50/50 guard to be effective at the highest level.  It’s well worth developing some go-to techniques from the 50/50.

Getting Started With The 50/50

So where do you start with the 50/50 position? Great question and I’m glad you asked.

Primarily the 50/50 can be thought of in three areas; Entries, Passes, and Attacks. You don’t need to know a huge number of techniques from each area.

To get started with the 50/50, all you really need are a few high percentage techniques from each area. And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in the rest of this article, plus how you can develop a complete 50/50 game.

The Most Important 50 / 50 Sweep Everyone Should Know

The first technique I want to share with you is the Spider 50/50 Sweep. In all honesty, if this is the only thing you learn from this article it’ll be worth it.

That’s because this technique can be used as both a sweep and a pass. And you can apply it whether you’re on the bottom, on top, or seated in the 50/50 guard. As an added benefit the Spider 50/50 will stop most foot locks your opponent may try.

All in all, it’s an incredibly useful technique and worthwhile learning. Watch the video below now to add this technique to your game.

Key Points:

  • Use this technique anytime your opponent grabs your leg.
  • Control their tangled leg with your free hand.
  • Upset their balance to make the sweep more effective.
  • Stretch their arm away to change the angle and set up the pass.

The Easiest Way To Enter The 50/50 Guard

One of the great benefits of the 50/50 guard is slow’s your opponent down and gives you time to think.

So if you’re facing an opponent that’s passing like a madman on speed, trying to pressure pass the life out of you, or if you just need a break the 50/50 guard is incredibly useful.

On top of that, if you’re opponent is unfamiliar with the 50/50 guard, you’ll easily be able to sweep or submit them and get the win.

But how do you get into the 50/50 position? There are three types of 50/50 entry, and I don’t want to go into all of them now (this article is already long enough), but one of the best ways to enter the 50/50 guard is from the Single Leg X-Guard.

Watch the video below to learn a simple, but high percentage way to enter the 50/50 guard, watch the video below:

Key Points:

  • Make sure your knees are pinched tight.
  • Control the knee line as you pass the leg over your body
  • Create tension to lock your opponent in and set up the 50/50

The Most Devastating Foot Lock From The 50/50 Guard

It may seem like there aren’t a lot of submissions available from the 50/50 position. However, you’re opponents feet are always there begging to be attacked.

Most BJJ players will be aware of this possibility and control your sleeve to prevent you wrapping their foot. And that’s the right thing to do; I even showed this in the first video.

However, there is a foot lock you can still attack even when they use this tactic. What’s worse is this foot lock is incredibly powerful, which is why I call it the Power Foot Lock.

In fact, I often threaten with a regular foot lock so I can set up this variation.

Check out the video below to add this devastating attack and make your opponent regret the moment they entered your 50/50 guard.

Key Points:

  • Use this attack anytime they control your sleeve to prevent the foot lock.
  • Lock your hands in the rear naked choke position for added power.
  • Saw your arm against the Achilles to complete the submission.

Putting It All Together

This is clearly only an introduction to the 50/50 guard and we’ve barely scratched the surface. But learning these three techniques should give you have some idea of what to do from that position.

  • You have an easy way to enter the 50/50 guard should you need.
  • A high percentage sweep & pass combo if you find yourself stuck in the 50/50.
  • A devastating foot lock if your opponent is able to defend your initial attack.

However, as I said, there is a lot more to learn before you master the 50/50 position.

Should You Add The 50/50 Guard Your Jiu Jitsu?

Absolutley! As we talked about earlier, (and was shown by the stats from the worlds) the 50/50 guard is well and truly here to stay. And if you want to be effective at the highest level, you need to have a good understanding of the 50/50 position.
Detangling the 50-50 Large
But you don’t want to just learn a selection of random techniques from the 50/50 guard. You need to master a high-percentage system of attacks, that will work regardless your opponent.

That’s why I’ve created Detangling The 50/50. This instructional will give you a complete 50/50 game plan from entry to sweeps and submissions to passes.

Basically, Detangling the 50/50 covers everything you need to know to add the 50/50 to your Jiu Jitsu, including:

  • The three types of entries and multiple examples of each of them.
  • How to instantly sweep your opponent and capitalise on their defences to secure dominant positions.
  • Combining the Spider 50/50 with a sneaky armbar, tight back attack, and easy leg drag.
  • Four simple ways to pass the 50/50 anyone can use.
  • A complete leg lock game from the 50/50 that will shred your opponents ankles.
  • And much more…

In total, Detangling the 50/50 is around 75 minutes of detailed instruction that covers a COMPLETE system whether you want to add the 50/50 to your Jiu Jitsu or make your opponent pay for using it.

You might be wondering if this instructional will help your Jiu Jitsu, and that’s an important question. So here’s what Scott has to say about Detangling The 50/50:

“Another very solid instructional; cleared up a couple of things I’d been missing when attacking 50/50. I’m looking forward to putting it into action and improving my game.” – Scott (Purple Belt)

But to make sure you can really use this system in your Jiu Jitsu, I’m including a special bonus.

When you order Detangling the 50/50, you’ll also get a MIND MAP that shows you the exact sequence of when to use the different techniques.

As I’ve just launched this instructional, you can get instant to the instructional and mind map for only £12 but only for a limited time. After that, it’ll go up the regular price of £17

All you need to do to get this instructional and add the 50/50 to your Jiu Jitsu is click the button below and complete your order.

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Price: £12.00(regular price £17)
Length: 75 min
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As soon as you complete your order, you’ll get instant access to the instructionals and mind map.

My Two-Part Guarantee

I know you maybe a little sceptical about the quality of this instructional and if it will benefit your Jiu Jitsu.  That’s why I off a two-part guarantee.

(1) If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with this instructional, I’ll give you a full refund. 

(2) Or if you ever lose a copy of an instructional send me your receipt and I’ll send you a new copy.

Fair enough? Click the button below to order your copy of “Detangling The 50/50″now.

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Price: £12.00
Length: 75 min
Includes: Two Instructional Videos, Mind Map, and Performance Drilling

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