Beginner’s BJJ Curriculum Sample: Over/Under Butterfly Sweep

This is a sample technique taken from Beginner’s BJJ Curriculum covering a simple butterfly guard sweep.

Deciding to put butterfly guard into the curriculum at all was the subject of some discussion between us (AKA argument), but ultimately, we decided that learning to use butterfly hooks was a really important skill for our students, even if butterfly guard itself isn’t commonly used in gi BJJ.

In the video below, we also discuss the common mistakes we see people making when we’re teaching this particular technique. Beginners are always coming up with new and creative ways to perform techniques, so don’t be surprised if you see some of these mistakes and some completely new ones as well.

One trap that instructors often fall into is trying to teach too many techniques in too short a time— it might take us all class just to teach this technique! You can break down the technique into different drills and introduce variations (like we do around 3:45 in the video) to really make sure that the mechanics of the technique are solid.

The Beginner’s BJJ Curriculum will be available from 29th June 2019. For more information visit:

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