2 Minute Jiu Jitsu Ep.44: Lasso Berimbolo

The Lasso / Pant Grip spider guard AKA Chelsea’s Guard is an incredibly powerful guard. It gives you fantastic control over your opponent’s ability to move in any direction, yet still allows you numerous attacking options.

One of the most powerful attacks out of Chelsea’s guard is the transition to deep De La Riva and Berimbolo.

In this episode of 2 Minute of Jiu Jitsu, Chelsea Leah says some key controls for using this guard and how to attack the Berimbolo.

Would you like to learn Chelsea’s complete system for the Lasso / Pant Grip Spider guard?
You can get it now as a member of Escapology Online or it’s included as a bonus in her Modern Jiu Jitsu instructional series. To learn more click the link below:


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