2 Minute Jiu Jitsu #1: Stack Pass to Leg Drag

There are a time and place in your BJJ education for long in-depth explanations of techniques and concepts. However, sometimes you just want a quick answer to a problem your facing or a short overview of a new technique to add to your arsenal. That’s where 2 min Jiu Jitsu can help.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve filmed hundreds of hours of instructional content, a lot of which has never been seen outside Rolling With Tom. However, I’ve been inspired by a few members of the BJJ community to share some of my favourite or most useful techniques or tips in short videos (each one will be around 2 min)

The first 2 min Jiu Jitsu video covers how to combine the stack pass with the leg drag. This combination is a fantastic way to deal with flexible guard players or if you just want to make your opponent horrendously uncomfortable.

If would you like to learn more about my passing system, then you should check out the Simple Passing System. This is a 100 min instructional that covers a simple but highly effective method of guard passing.

You can learn more about it HERE: Simple Passing System

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