3 Ways To Prepare Your Back For Jiu Jitsu

Back injuries suck. But I didn’t really understand how much they sucked until I had one. Putting my socks on became a challenge and a sneeze would drop me in spasms of pain faster than a Mirko CroCop head kick.

Injuring my back was also the first time I’d ever had to take time off training. And it kept me out for around 6 months. During that time, I spent all the monies and saw all the specialist trying to figure out to fix it.

But it wasn’t until the initial pain had subsided that I discovered what had caused it.

Years of martial arts training had created imbalances my body and tightness in my hips. Which is bizarre as I could almost do the splits at the time. Once I realised this, it allowed me to start the road to recovery.

A big part of that was understanding how to relieve the tensions of Jiu Jitsu and increase my hip and hamstring flexibility. This video covers two ways I prepare my back for training and the best way I’ve found to relieve the tension created by Jiu Jitsu.

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  1. Lee says

    Thanks for sharing the video Tom, I’ve always struggled with my back and neck before during and after training. I went to see a chiropractor and he clicked me all back into place but it doesn’t take long to slip back into the old habits, I’ve tried hanging by my hands to stretch the back out which helps but I’m going to give these a go for sure.

  2. joe says

    hi tom I really enjoy your vids I have a bad back injury at the moment been out 6 weeks its really frustrating….nowhere near ready to go back yet …which is pants …. will try these stretches …thanks .

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