The Most Important 50 / 50 Technique Everyone Should Know

Whether you like it or not the 50/50 game is here to stay. And if you ever get caught in the 50/50 position you NEED to know what to do.

To help you get started, I want to share with you one of the best techniques you can learn from the 50/50 guard.

It’s called the Spider 50/50 Sweep.

This sweep is an excellent way to start your 50/50 game because you can use it as a both a sweep and a pass. Plus you can use it whether you’re on bottom, top, or seated in the 50/50 guard.

Oh and one more thing… the Spider 50/50 will stop most foot locks your opponent may try.

All in all the Spider 50/50 Sweep is an incredibly useful technique and worthwhile learning. Check it out below:

Video #2: Easiest Way to Enter the 50/50 Guard

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