Easiest Way to Enter the 50/50 Guard

My first fight of the 2015 European Championships was against a tough French Black Belt. The moment we engaged, I realised his stand-up game was better than mine. So I decided to play guard.

The only problem was my guard pull went wrong, and as I hit the ground, his knee hit my head. Ouch! It left me dazed, confused, and wondering where I was. But the fight must go on… so I put him in the one position I was guaranteed to get a break. The 50/50 guard.

It’s time’s like this, or when you’re facing an opponent that’s passing like a madman on speed, the 50/50 position becomes incredibly useful.

It allows you to slow the person down and gives you time to think. Plus, if you’re better in the 50/50 than your opponent, it will lead to the win.

But how do you get into the 50/50 position? I’ve put together a short video that covers a high percentage way to enter the 50/50 from the Single Leg X-Guard. This is the same entry I used against the French guy and you can check it out below

Video #3: The Power Foot Lock

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