Simple Submission System Outline

Many Jiu Jitsu practitioners are excellent at establishing dominant positions but then they struggle to finish with a submission. Often the reason behind this is, they don’t put themselves in a position they can attack from.

This video shows a simple position that leads to a highly effective submission system. The best thing is this position can be used from side control, mount, or back and can lead to a whole variety of submissions without compromising positional control.

Up Next… A Sneaky Wrist Lock They Never Seen Coming.

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  1. Ian says

    Thanks Tom. I’m going to do my best to work just on this for the next couple of weeks. The attack options are huge as well as the control. Oss!!

  2. Mike Chandler says

    Hi Tom
    We use the seat belt grip as a start point for techniques at the club I train at. We don’t use the wrist control regularly though. I’m going to try it and make it part of what I do along with drilling the kimura sub you’ve sent us. Thank you.

  3. Gav says

    Thanks for this, and specially the detail on the various control pressures,hoping to try this out and explore it,
    Thanks again,

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