Flower Sweep Series // Jiu Jitsu Essentials

The Flower Sweep is one of the most basic attacks from closed guard, however, when you combine it with other attacks it can give you the foundation to a great closed guard game.

In this video, you’ll discover a series of attacks that flow from the flower sweep and create a web of death for your opponents.

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Here’s exactly what’s covered:

  • Basic Flower Sweep (0:00 – 2:15)
  • Flower Sweep to Triangle (2:15 – 4:30)
  • Flower Sweep to Belly Down Arm Bar (4:30 – 6:24)
  • Flower Sweep to Hip Bump Sweep (6:24 – 7:58)
  • Flower Sweep to Arm Bar (7:58 onwards)

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