Championship Winning Drill #5: Guard Retention Drill

The guard is arguably most important position in Jiu Jitsu and I guarantee at some point you’re going to have to use it.

I can also guarantee at some point you’re going to face a passing monster who wants to smash through your legs and squash you from side control. Getting squashed is no fun at all, so it’s incredibly important you learn how to retain and recover your guard.

There are three key elements that need to be mastered for effective guard control:

  1. Controlling the distance,
  2. Using your grips,
  3. Learning to move your hips.

This drill will to teach you to move your hips and control the distance when someone is trying to aggressively pass to your side.

If you’re not used to this drill, make sure your training partner doesn’t put too much pressure on you when you first start practicing this drill.

But as you improve they should add the pressure and speed. This will give you a great work out and dramatically improve your guard retention.

Before you know it, you’ll be that guy or girl in the gym that everyone hates trying to pass.

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