Core Jiu Jitsu Concept #8:


I’d just had a rough training session and was feeling useless. Everyone I rolled with seemed to was pass my guard like butter.

So when Rafa Mendes started talking about pass prevent he had my undivided attention. As he was talking, Rafa off-handedly mentioned a key to preventing the guard pass is to stop your partner from facing you.

It made so much sense.

Like an explosive in my brain, I instantly knew this was a major factor in dissappointing performance earlier. When I put this concept into action, my guard retention dramatically improved.

If you think about it, that concept makes so much sense. People are incredible efficient at moving the direction they’re facing.

However, they’re rubbish at moving in any other direction. Plus, as we talked about before, it’s much easier to attack your opponent from the sides or at an angle.

You can apply this concept to pretty any guard your playing. All you need to do is figure out how to stop your partner facing you. Check out the short video below that illustrates this point further.

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