Core Jiu Jitsu Concept #10:


Of all the guys I’ve rolled with, Cobrinha had the most incredible timing and ability to capitalise on my reactions. The closest way I can describe it is like falling through a trap door.

The second I put a foot wrong I was up in the air and on my back or in an om0plata. And he did this for ten minutes straight. Every time I thought I’d figured out what I was doing, he’d make the appropriate adjustment and catch me again.

Cobrinha understood on of the most important concepts in Jiu Jitsu and #10 in this series. He knew that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. AKA Newton’s third law of motion.

Cobrinha choking

Cobrinha got that reaction by either giving me energy and using my reaction against me or waiting until I moved and then making me over commit.You can apply it to your Jiu Jitsu right away.

The easiest way to start using the action/reaction concept is by pushing or pulling in the opposite direction to your attack. Then the moment your opponent resists you attack.

However, you don’t need to wait for your opponents reaction. That’s a mistake people often make with this concept. If you wait to feel their reaction it’s already too late. Their reaction is instantaneous.

The moment you push into or pull them there is a reaction and you can start your attack. You may not feel their reaction but I guarantee it’s there. It’s physics.

When I began using this concept in my Jiu Jitsu, I instantly had more success with my attacks. Plus I found it was much harder for my opponents to counter my attacks. Check out the short video to see how you can use this concept.

So what does this look like in competition? Check out this video of Cobrinha in the final of the 2017 Europeans against Gianni Grippo and you’ll see what I mean.