Chelsea Leah’s Modern Jiu Jitsu

Chelsea Leah is one of the top female Black Belts in the world. Her many accomplishments include: receiving her from Black Belt Andre Galvao, submitting all her opponents on the way to winning the Worlds as a Brown Belt, and a medaling as a Black Belt at World, Pan Am, and European Championships, and she’s an instructor at the Mendes Bros Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy .

And she’s done all this through a highly effective blend of old school and modern Jiu Jitsu techniques. To see what I mean, check out this video Chelsea fighting in the final of the absolute at the London Fall Open in 2016 against an opponent that outweighs her by 20 kg:

As you can see, Chelsea has some serious Jiu Jitsu skills PLUS she’s an excellent instructor.

Chelsea recently filmed two full-length instructional’s that cover some of her highest percentage guard passing and guard attack techniques and strategies.  These are the same techniques she has uses to dominate her opponents in competition.  Here’s some of what you’ll learn in these instructionals:

Modern Guard Attacks

  • The correct way to pull De La Riva and avoid being instantly passed.
  • How to sweep your opponent over your head even if they weigh significantly more than you.
  • What to do when the overhead sweep goes wrong
  • Simple ways to countering your opponents pass attempts
  • Setting up the Waiter Sweep off your opponents pass
  • How to attack the back from the waiter sweep.
  • Transitioning from the waiter sweep to X-Guard
  • Combining a simple X-Guard sweep with the Leg Drag
  • A super tight Knee Bar from X-Guard
  • The Knee Bar / Toe Hold combination from X-Guard and why they work so well together.
  • Using your opponents Knee Bar counter to establish the 50 / 50 guard and instantly sweep
  • How to avoid getting caught in the 50/50
  • And much more

Sample: De La Riva To Waiter Sweep

Modern Guard Passing

  • The essential Torreando drill to make your passing tighter.
  • A high percent knee slide pass from open guard.
  • Setting up the knee slide from the De La Riva guard.
  • The Leg Weave Pass that allow to smash your partners hips to the mat.
  • A simple position to combine the knee slide and leg weave for maximum effect.
  • How to ‘float’ through your partner’s guard retention attempts
  • How to set up the Inverse Leg Drag
  • A simple pass from the Inverse Leg Drag
  • How to use your opponents the Berimbolo to pass.
  • Passing the near side lapel guard
  • Passing the far side lapel guard
  • Smashing through the worm guard.

Sample: The Early Worm Guard Pass

Both instructionals run for around 40 minutes and each technique is shown from multiple angles.

The cost? You can get instant access to Chelsea Leah’s Modern Jiu Jitsu for only £27. Simply just click the button below and complete your purchase. The instructionals will be available to instantly download once you’done.

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New Bonus…

To sweeten the deal and help make this decision a no-brainer, you will also receive a Bonus Instructional.

It’s the footage from a seminar Chelsea taught at my gym last year. In it she shows a variation of the Lasso guard that is incredibly hard to pass but, unlike the regular lasso position, it has a lot of attacking options.

And I should know, I’ve been caught in it so many times. The video is about 25 min long and covers Chelsea’s complete system of Lasso guard.

Click the button and complete your purchase to get instant access to Chelsea’s Modern Jiu Jitsu Instructional for only £27

Get Chelsea’s Instructionals Now

The instructionals will be available for instant download once you complete your order.