The Art Of The Escape

The Art Of The Escape

Never Get Stuck In A Bad Position Again…

In my opinion, the first thing any Jiu Jitsu player should master is escapes. Not only because they allow you to survive, but because having good escapes free’s you up to try new things.

After all, if it all goes wrong you can rely on your escapes to recover back to a good position.

This two-part instructional is broken into different sections each focusing on a bad position. Each section then starts with how you stay safe, then how you build a frame, before teaching you the highest percentage escapes from that position.

Check out the video below taken from the instructional that covers some essential Knee on Belly escapes.

Here’s what’s you’ll learn:

Part #1: Escape Drills

– bridge
– bridge to tripod
– shrimp
– bridge to shrimp
– monkey roll
– granby
– shrimp to granby
– turtling
– sit out
– hip heist

Part #2: Escape Concepts

– Home alone
– Build a frame first
– how have to give energy to escape
– Combine escapes

Part #3: Side Control Escapes

– build a frame
– re-gain guard
– arm trap and bridge
– Arm bar or reverse triangle
– running escape
– single leg
– Y escape

Part #4: Scarf / Open Scarf Escapes

– build a frame
– bridge and roll
– lapel push
– scoot to the back

Part #5: North / South Escapes

– single leg
– hip push to knee inside
– back take

Part #6: Knee on belly Escapes

– recover half guard
– back sweep

Part #7: Mount Escapes

– bridge and roll (grip variation: baseball bat, lapel, collar choke defence, trap and roll)
– hip escape (foot escape variations: drag, lift
– bridge and push

Part #8: Back Escapes

– scoot low (no control)
– shoulders to mat
– arm over head

Part #9: Turtle Escapes

– sit out
– arm trap and roll
– stand up
– (x cross) ninja roll
– clear hooks & shoulder pull

Part #10: Leg Drag Escapes
– Collar push
– Calf Crush
– Knee bar
– leg trap invert

That’s a whole lot of escaping goodness from just about any position you may find yourself in. Click the button below to get the Art Of The Escape instructional now.

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Length: 95 min
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