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One of the most common questions people ask when they start Jiu Jitsu is, “What is the major difference between the belt levels?”

At the white and blue belt levels, you will learn a lot of new techniques. However, once you hit the purple belt level you pretty much know all the techniques you’ll ever need.

Of course, there will always be advancements in technique and new attacks discovered or re-discovered, but the major positions will always remain the same.

In my experience, the difference between most belt levels is not the number of techniques you know but the speed at which you can recognise when you should use a technique and then apply it.

The Real Reason A Purple Belt Can Beat A Black Belt

This speed of recognition is the reason a purple belt or even a blue belt can beat a black belt. The lower rank is simply faster at recognising a technique and applying it.

Demetrious Johnson (blue belt) submits Wilson Reis (black belt) in the UFC

Demetrious Johnson (blue belt) submits Wilson Reis (black belt) in the UFC

Thankfully there is a way you can short cut the learning process. That’s through effective drilling.

How do I know? Well, when I first started Jiu Jitsu I spent the majority of my time sparring, and I got pretty good.

But I would always struggle when it I competed against elite level competitors. My timing would be off, and they’d always seem to be one step ahead of me.

However, that was until I learned how to drill effectively and my level skyrocketed. This is something I’ve seen time and again in my students and training partners.

And Jiu Jitsu legends like Andre Galvao, the Mendes Brothers, and Cobrinha all agree; Drillers make Killers.

Performance Drillers Make Killers

However, I regularly see people drilling WRONG. They go through the motions in an entirely unrealistic fashion and hope it’s going to make it work for them.

This is one of the reasons I wrote Performance Drilling.

If you follow the lessons included in the book, your drilling will become a lot more effective and allow you to integrate your techniques faster into your game.

As a companion to the book, I’ve created the Art of Drilling Instructional’s, and for a limited time, I wanted to offer you them for a massively discounted price.


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The instructional covers some of my favourite drills and is broken down into two parts.

The Art Of Drilling: Guard Passes

This instructional starts with Closed Guard and then moves through open guard passes and finally will teach you how to link everything together.

Here’s a list of the drill’s you’ll learn in this instructional:

  • Step Up in Closed Guard
  • Jump Up in Closed Guard (no gi variation)
  • Break to Toreando
  • Break to Smash Pass
  • Side To Side Switch RDLR
  • Toreando
  • Toreando Leg Drag
  • Toreando Knee / Hip push
  • Guard pull counter Toreando
  • Leg Drag
  • Leg Drag to Leg Drag
  • Leg Drag to Chair Sit
  • Leg Drag to Rolling back take
  •  Inverted guard to leg drag
  • Duck Under
  • Jump Over
  • Windshield Wiper (over the top)
  • Knee on belly switch
  • Top Spin
  • Spider to toreando
  • Spider to leg
  • Spider to double under
  • Side To Side Switch (to Knee Slice)
  • RDLR to Leg Weave
  • RDLR leg drag
  • Jump around drill: lasso counter to leg drag
  • Long step (plus knee on belly or jump over
  • Hip switch to half
  •  Back step to reverse half
  • Knee pin
  • LegworkRound the world drill

Here’s a sample from that instructional that cover’s the X-Pass drill and how to use it to counter your opponents guard pull.

The Art Of Drilling: Guard Attacks

This instructional is split into two sections. The first section covers guard retention because if you can’t maintain your guard, it’s impossible to attack from it. While the second section covers attacks from the most common guard positions.

Guard Retention Drills:

  1. Leg Pummeling from butterfly
  2. Leg drag push off
  3. Inversion Drill
  4. Pummel to invert
  5. Spinning from North & South
  6. Leg toss to inversion
  7. Leg Pin to inversion
  8. Sleeve Push
  9. Collar Push
  10. Block and recover
  11. Block and Lasso
  12. Block and invert
  13. Spider Guard Side to Side
  14. Spider Guard to Leg Weave
  15. DLR to Knee Slice
  16. DLR to Knee Smash
  17. DLR to Inversion
  18. RDLR to Inversion

Guard Attack Drills

  1. Triangle
  2. Arm Bar
  3. Kimura
  4. Omaplata
  5. Sit Up from DLR
  6. Single Leg from DLR
  7. Collar to Belt
  8. DLR Leg kick
  9. Spinning from DLR to X
  10. Spinning from RDLR to X
  11. RDLR to Back Sweep
  12. RDLR to Arm Drag
  13. Grip Breaking from Spider
  14. Butterfly Rock
  15. Butterfly to X Guard
  16. Butterfly to Single X
  17. X Guard Pump
  18. X Guard to X Guard
  19. Half Guard to under hook
  20. Half Guard to Deep Half
  21. Crab ride side to side
  22. Crab Ride to twister hook
  23. Crab Ride to Leg Drag

Here’s a sample from that instructional that cover’s three of my favourite guard retention drills.

That’s a lot of techniques, many of which you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, I cover a whole bunch more important concepts and variations in the instructionals.

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My Two Part Guarantee

When I started selling instructional’s, I made two promises to myself:

(1) The instructional’s will ALWAYS be available to download if you lose them.

(2) If you don’t believe the cost of the instructional was worth the investment, I’ll give you a full instant refund.

I stand by this guarantee today.

So, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, let me know and I’ll give you an instant refund. Or if you ever lose a copy of an instructional send me your receipt and I’ll send you a new copy.

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