RWT Guest Expert #2: 3×10 Strength and Conditioning For Jiu Jitsu with Jamie Aphro

I often get questions about supplemental training at seminars, and while I’ve always integrated supplemental workouts into my training, I’m certainly no expert. That’s why I’ve organised this webinar with Jamie Aphro: he’s immensely qualified to answer all the questions I can’t.

In case you don’t know who Jamie is, he’s has been training BJJ athletes for over 9 years and has worked with many top BJJ players like Braulio and Victor Estima. Most recently, Jamie started a BJJ specific strength and conditioning programme called Jiu Jitsu 3×10.

We cover a huge range of topics in the discussion, and I think you’ll find it very useful.

Download the audio (right click save as)  RWT Guest Expert #2: Jamie Aphro


For more information about Jamie’s BJJ Strength and Conditioning programmes, visit

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