What Is TBOnline

TomBarlowOnline is a resource run by me, Tom Barlow, to provide you with techniques, concepts, and strategies for achieving your Jiu Jitsu goals faster with less frustration.

Everything you learn on this site has been tested at the highest level of competition and used by me and the thousands of Jiu Jitsu players I’ve taught around the world.

Who Am I And Why Should You Care?

First and foremost, I’m a martial artist like you and love to train. On top of that, I’ve won some medals along the way (most notably No Gi worlds 2013/14/15), and I run two successful martial arts schools.

But my path to Jiu Jitsu success has been far from smooth.

You see for the vast majority of my Jiu Jitsu journey my only training partners were my students, and I had very limited access to my instructor, Braulio Estima, as he lived over two hundred miles away.

At best I would only get to spend two hours a month training with Braulio, as I was running a full-time martial arts academy when I started Jiu Jitsu.

Despite these obstacles, I still managed to get my Black Belt in a just over five years and win a bunch of competitions along the way.

Now, it would be easy to say that I was special in some way, but that’s simply NOT true. I just had an open mind, and a willingness to do what most people won’t.

In many ways, I’m grateful for my bumpy Jiu Jitsu journey. As the only way, I could train consistently was by sharing my knowledge with my students it forced me to break down techniques in a different way than most Jiu Jitsu players.

I wasn’t just copying what my instructor did; I had to understand why it works so I could share the knowledge.

And I want to share that knowledge with you so you can avoid the same frustrations I faced along your Jiu Jitsu journey


Tom Barlow

PS here are three things you should know about me;

#1 Love Actually is my second favourite file (behind 300, Arghhooo!, Arghhooo!, Arghhooo!)
#2 I’m dyslexic, so please forgive any grammatical and spelling mistakes.
#3 I’m very competitive over the simplest things.

P.P.S. What to see a little of my Jiu Jitsu and hear me talk about things?

Here’s a profile video I filmed when I fought Gianni Grippo on Polaris 2