Detangling The 50/50

The 50/50 Guard And Why You Absolutely NEED To Add It To Your Jiu Jitsu Whether you love it or hate it, the 50/50 guard is here to stay. And if you don’t know what to do from this position, you’ll be at the mercy of your opponent. But don’t … [Read more]

Jiu Jitsu Chess

One step sparring is common training method in traditional martial art. The basic way it works is by person A attacking, person B counter-attacking, then they reset and go again. The counter can be a prearranged sequence or person B is can be free to … [Read more]

The Takedown Breakdown

Why Every Jiu Jitsu Player NEEDS A Takedown Plan And How To Build One Go to Video 1: Setting Your Grips Go to Video 2: Running The Pipe Go to Video 3: Single Leg Foot Sweep Go to Video 4: The Levitation Guard Pull I have a question for you. … [Read more]